JNBY women's wear brand WeChat public number how to lead the fashion circle?

Recently, WeChat public account of JNBY, a brand owned by the group, ranked first in the influence list of WeChat public account of China's top ten women's wear. Reporters look at JNBY WeChat public number learned that JNBY in the content of the creation of the focus on column Settings, as well as the combination of travel, photography, food, architecture and other art, to show people around the side of the attitude to fashion and art.

It is understood that at present, the WeChat content that can be seen on the JNBY service number was sent on February 17, 2013. At the beginning, JNBY created a weekly selection column, which was pushed weekly, and the content was mainly for offline promotion of new products on the shelves.

JNBY x VICE, a new headline column, was added in August of the same year. Through the "tour" photography plan, it searched for a variety of representative photographers, such as land photographers, etc., to shoot JNBY, so as to convey the photographer's attitude towards clothing shooting and promote the brand. In addition, small columns such as "new/style", "food/summer", "new/show", "film/person" and "cover/ abstract" have been added. Softer contents such as films, food and characters have been implanted in the article. However, the specific content is relatively simple.

From 2014, WeChat public account can see the number of reading, JNBY created a "where's we living" column this year, invited some freelance writers to start to write their stories about creation, travel, ideal and so on, the number of reading increased significantly on the previous. After that, JNBY/ fall 2014 was launched for reconstruction, theater, hermit, etc., and began to interpret the new products from the professional perspective of technology, materials, style, etc., and the number of readers exceeded ten thousand.

JNBY WeChat mall was launched in 2015. In this year, JNBY will link copywriting with the mall in content, and the language style will become more and more internet-oriented, such as Duang! Thirty free eggs for you to grab ~ hey Morning! JNBY shopping stirred up and so on.

In 2016, I joined the radio program, which mainly invited experts to interpret the fashion trends and styles of clothes. In this year, the content of promotion information such as gift certificates, interaction with prizes, festival sachet, vouchers and red packets was increased.

In the form of carrying content, more attention was paid to the texture of pictures, mainly in the form of pictures and texts. Later, animated pictures, video and audio were added.

In addition, the JNBY service did not see what was being done in the previously popular H5 format.

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