Once the "famous brand of Chinese women's wear" boots why not

On October 14, Ports Ports international holdings co., LTD. (00589, HK), which is regarded as "China's leading women's wear stock" and owns Ports Ports Ports Ports brands (hereinafter referred to as Ports Ports). Baoguo international will issue a notice on the change of members of the board of directors. Boots' godfather, qitai chan, stepped down as group chief executive and was replaced by his son, junming Chen. Chan's niece, chan jingjing, has also been appointed President and chief operating officer of the company. Baoguo international leadership officially transferred from senior figures to the second generation of the group.

Faced with the pressure from international brands, fast fashion brands and e-commerce channels, the old domestic clothing brands represented by baozi have been performing poorly in recent years and are actively expanding the sideline business territory.

The children of the founders came to power

Ports was born in the Canadian port city of Toronto in 1961. In 1993, boots set its sights on the Chinese mainland market and now sells its products mainly in China, the United States and Canada. At the beginning of boots' entry into the Chinese market, domestic high-end clothing brands were still in a gap period. With its positioning between high fashion and ordinary clothing, boots once filled the gap in the domestic market.

The reporter sees on its official flagship store, its qiu dong jacket is in about 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan.

AnthonyPaulChan, pokka international's son, will take over as chief executive and executive director of pokka international after kai-tai chan, who led pokoh's debut on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2003 as the "godfather" of Chinese women's wear, steps down.

Chen junming, 37, has more than 15 years of experience in corporate strategy, operations, private equity and corporate finance, the statement said.

In the change, jingjing Chen, daughter of boots co-founder hanjie Chen, has been appointed executive director, authorized representative, President and chief operating officer of boots. She also has many years of experience in marketing and sales.

The new leadership has a more capital-management and marketing background than his physics-major father, who grew up in a garment factory.

This may be closely related to the strategic transformation of baoguo international. In 2015, Chen qitai also told the media that "the focus of the family's future investment is not only the luxury industry, but also the real estate, medical, computer and environmental protection sectors".

Just last year, the company has officially changed its name from "boots fashion co., LTD." to "baoguo international holding co., LTD." to coordinate its expansion from a purely vertically integrated fashion company into a diversified investment company.

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